What We Do

3 Excellent Years Of Expertise And Specialization

red door Consultancy conducts training services for individuals and organisations in various fields involving social, cultural, political and economic phenomena. We offer consultancy services in areas of media and communication, trade policies and practices, migration and human mobility, as well as their dynamics, trends and implications.

Other services that we offer are training and consultancy in the realms of corporate and personal branding, psychosocial wellbeing, civic responsibilities and forms of advocacy.

rdC respects the natural and social environments in which people live and operate, and endeavours to build a strong culture of environmental protection and conservation. Hence, embedded in every rdC message is the idea that optimum natural and social environment are of absolute importance to the attainment of the highest levels of psychosocial wellbeing.

Our Pillars

We organize our activities along three pillars, thus:

Social Research

We believe that transforming lives entails making decisions based on current and credible data. The outcomes of such research then

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Media & Communication Consultancy

We work with clients to develop their media and communication strategies along these eight-step guidelines.

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Youth Psycho-Social Wellbeing

The Youth constitute 75% of Kenya’s population, meaning that any intervention that seeks to transform Kenya must target the youth

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