Who We Are

red door Consultancy is an people-driven organization which works with other people to help them achieve optimum economic and psychosocial wellbeing. We believe that such a state is necessary for effective access and exploitation of opportunities in life

About Us

In life, people have to open doors often in order to access empowering opportunities. A door, we believe, has the capacity to liberate, to enlighten, and to empower, hence the name red door Consultancy.

We have operated in Kenya since 2012, when we began on a journey to transform people’s lives along our core values of Integrity, Innovation and Inspiration.

Our Vision

A Kenyan population of conscientious and innovative social contributors

Our Mission

To transform society adequately so that individuals can achieve their individual and collective goals

Core values

In our quest to for excellent provision of outstanding service, rdC is guided by the following core values:
• Integrity: to conduct business in an ethical manner to encourage well rounded individuals and collective growth
• Innovation: Ensuring effective interaction with the physical and social environments through continuous creativity using what is available to achieve higher goals
• Inspiration: because dreams and ambitions can be induced to uplift humanity

Our Approach

We believe that expertise in technical knowledge and skills combined with a passion for inspiring women and the youth can lead to a progressive transformation of our youth into dependable citizens. To achieve this, we blend methodological approaches that cumulatively ensure transfer of soft skills, shared experiences and management of life aspirations and expectations.